When do CAs start work?


CA's first day of work is the day training begins for your community on TBD, unless you volunteer to assist with the property turnover beforehand. (More information on turnover will be provided, if position is offered).


Are CAs required to work during the summer?


​Yes. CAs are required to develop community with their residents. They will have duty shifts, meetings, programs, etc. to complete in the summer. Small vacations are allowed (with approval).


When can CAs move in?


CAs can move in the Saturday prior to training, which is TBD. If the CA is a current resident of an ACC property, some arrangements might be made. 


Do CAs get paid?


CAs are paid at a competitive hourly rate of $14/hr with an adjusted Community Assistant rental rate.



Does the job involve sales and leasing?


Being a Community Assistant will involve some level of Sales and Leasing, as it is the core of our business and allows us to fund the various Resident Life programs and initiatives we would like to do for the community.


What is the dress code for work?


Our office is business casual Monday through Thursday, and casual on the weekends.  Any time you are working in the office during the weekday, we ask men to wear slacks and a polo or a dress shirt along with dress shoes.  Women are asked to wear slacks, a skirt or a dress, along with a nice blouse and dress shoes.  In addition, everyone is expected to be well-groomed.  Casual Fridays and the weekend allow us to wear jeans.  It is never apprpriate, however, to wear tennis shoes, t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, sweats,etc.  We will discuss the dress code polcy in more detail during training and ask that all CAs attend training sessions in casual Friday attire.


PDS: 949.737.7017

CDS: 949.737.7000

VDCN: 949.856.4600

VDC: 949.854.0900 

Plaza Verde: 949.326.5600


or call any of the ACC offices

Last updated on

January 14, 2020

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